Children's Best Interest First
Meet the Officers


Deborah Cerminaro Eldridge – President/Secretary – Ms. Eldridge was a local family law attorney who practiced for over 13 years prior to joining St. Petersburg College as a full-time law professor.  During the course of her practice Ms. Eldridge was devoted and passionate about protecting children. 

Ms. Eldridge worked in the juvenile dependency arena for over three years, both as a private attorney and as a court appointed attorney ad litem.  As an attorney ad litem Ms. Eldridge had the honor of representing dependent children. 

Ms. Eldridge initially became acquainted with the juvenile dependency system as a foster parent.  As a foster parent, Ms. Eldridge learned, first hand, that dependent children were falling through the cracks and that their best interests were not the Department of Children and Families primary focus.   Instead, it was parental reunification, and, as quickly as possible  

As an attorney ad litem, Ms. Eldridge realized that she had little to no necessary cost money to fight for the children’s best interest.  It is at that time that Ms. Eldridge along with the founding board and vice president, John Tuthill created CBIF.

John Tuthill – Vice President – Mr. Tuthill is a local attorney who practices law with an emphasis on family, criminal, military and veterans law.  He received his juris doctorate from Ohio Northern University in 1972 and retired from the United States Navy JAG Corp. after 33 years of service.  Mr. Tuthill was one of the Navy’s first two reserve appellate judges serving in Washington D.C.Both as a prosecutor and in private practice Mr. Tuthill has twice won the Pinellas County Victim Rights Coalition Award.  He prosecuted numerous high profile child abuse cases and he has been a volunteer for the Guardian Ad Litem Program for over 10 years.  Mr. Tuthill also chairs the St. Petersburg Bar Association Marital and Family Law Section and is an adjunct professor at Stetson College of Law.

Joseph Cuenco, Treasurer—Currently Executive Direction of the Science Center of Pinellas County; a non-profit  informal educational institution providing classroom extension programs for students in the Tampa Bay area.  After being brought onto the leadership role 2 years ago, he focused the Center’s strategies and programs along a disciplined STEM philosophy bridging industry career exposure with skills development for post secondary education.  With a diverse  corporate background he also serves on various other NFPS., including The Sends Advisory Board.

Cynthia A. Grey, DM, Director-Currently Professor of management in the Veterinary Technology program  at St. Petersburg College.  Prior to her move to Florida, Dr. Grey was the Hospital Administrator for an AAHA accredited veterinary practice in Germantown, TN. Early in her career, she was a high school educator where she first became aware of, and saw the results of ,the problems with the child welfare system. i.e., teen pregnancy, abuse, and drug and alcohol addiction.

Greta KishbaughDirectorA marketing and management instructor for St. Petersburg College Ms. Kishbaugh is no stranger to not-for-profit organizations.  In 2008 Ms. Kishbaugh was instrumental in developing the Not-for-Profit business track at St. Petersburg College and has over 8 years experience in the non-profit sector.

Rachel B. Bennett, Director-Rachel Barlett-Bennett has been a lawyer in Florida since 2010 Dr. Bennett is currently a professor in St. Petersburg College's Paralegal Program.  Receiving her Juris Doctor from Stetson University, College of Law in 2009.  Dr. Bennett earned her Bachelor of Arts in English and American Literature in 2005 from the University of South Florida.  


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