Children's Best Interest First

We can change the child welfare system so that it truly is for the child's welfare...

"You must do the thing, you think you cannot do."
Eleanor Roosevelt

Did you know that the majority of children who are now or have been associated with the child welfare system are more likely to:

       Need special education services

      Become runaways

      Become involved in criminal activity

      Become prostitutes

      Suffer from drug and alcohol dependency

      Suffer mental health issues

      Become a teen parent

We can change all this by changing the child welfare system so that it truly is for the child’s welfare.

      Help us to help them by contributing to our Mission.


We are dedicated to protecting Children by strongly advocating for a system that ensures their safety and provides the opportunity for stability and love.





Deborah Cerminaro Eldridge, President

John Tuthill, Vice President

Rachel Bennett, Treasurer

Deborah Cerminaro Eldirdge, Secretary

Board of Directors:

Greta Kishbaugh

Cynthia Grey 



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